Elevate your practice with outsourced investment management solutions
You’ve dedicated your time, energy and resources to building a successful practice. You’ve navigated a changing industry landscape to provide your clients with the service and solutions they need to reach their goals.

It can be challenging to balance the research and regulatory demands associated with investment management, while exploring new ways to grow your business and serve your clients. Elevate your practice and advance client relationships with Meeder Edge Investment Consulting.

Meeder Edge Investment Consulting services allow you to leverage our holistic, time-tested approach to investment management and our nearly 50 years of investment experience to work for you. Meeder works with you to develop broadly diversified portfolios using best-in-class investment solutions.

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Solutions for a Changing Advisory Environment

Competing in today’s ever-changing and challenging environment is not easy. The issues you face as a financial advisor are increasing every day.

  • Higher levels of commoditization
  • Race to lower-cost products
  • Heavier and more intrusive regulations
  • Rising costs for research, development and personnel
  • Volatile financial markets at home and abroad

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Create Scale & Add Efficiency

We structure our customized consulting solutions around you and your clients ensuring that you are involved every step of the way. When you leverage Meeder’s expertise, you benefit from a long-term partnership as your advisor team’s requirements guide the way to:


  • Build scale and provide efficiency
  • Provide business development support, research and timely advice
  • Create a unique set of investment strategies and solutions
  • Deliver institutional asset management
Leverage a Collaborative Approach
Meeder offers unique ways to engage our investment management team and entire organization. We will work with your firm to design portfolios which apply a multi-discipline/multi-factor approach to portfolio management. We apply our proven five-step process to understand your firm’s needs and objectives and collaborate with your team: Discovery, Diagnosis, Design, Deploy, and Deliver.

Meeder combines your unique perspectives and client needs to design a set of solutions which are customized to your specifications—while meeting the rigorous demands for improved efficiency and scalability. These portfolios can be invested in a diversified number of investment vehicles with the research, guidance and analytics of Meeder Investment Management and your Investment Policy Committee.
Through a comprehensive consulting and inquiry process, we work with you to understand the opportunities and challenges in your business.
A detailed proposal is created for you, based on you and your clients’ unique needs and includes a comparative analytical review of new vs. existing portfolios.
Custom investment portfolios are developed to align with your investment clients’ needs under the research and guidance of our investment team.
We assist with portfolio validation and deployment through your client base, with research and information to help you manage the progress.
To help you be a reliable fiduciary of your clients’ assets, we provide timely and ongoing performance analysis by conducting investment analytics, portfolio reviews, due diligence and calls with our investment team.
Meeder Edge Investment Consulting Services and Support Offerings
Consultation Process
» Questionnaire and initial discovery conversation
» Comprehensive current model analysis
» Current vs. recommended model comparison
» Portfolio model recommendation and analytics
Ongoing Deliverables and Support
» Investment policy statement
» Oversight of models
» Customized marketing collateral and resources
» Fund fact cards and portfolio analysis
» Trade recommendations and watch list
» Investment committee meetings and portfolio review
» Market commentaries and views from the Meeder investment team