We help grow your retirement plan business and meet clients’ needs
Longer lifespans, high inflation, and low interest rates are top concerns among financial advisors’ clients when it comes to retirement. Further, the retirement plan landscape continues to evolve with increased regulation, a greater selection of investment options, and the need to keep fees competitive.

Meeder Edge Retirement Plan Services support the sales and servicing of your retirement plan business. We provide customized retirement plans and investment portfolios to assist retirement plan sponsors and trustees. The outcome is to help grow your retirement practice and enable plan participants to achieve a more secure and comfortable financial future.
The Meeder Edge Retirement Plan Services team is committed to bringing you the full resources of our firm to help you:


  • Build scale and provide efficiency
  • Deliver business development support, research and timely advice
  • Create customized investment strategies and solutions
  • Meet rigorous regulatory needs
  • Innovate and grow your practice
Meeder offers a range of solutions for plan sponsors and participants to support the sales and servicing of your retirement plan business
Managed Accounts
Professional money management for the "do it for me" investor A selection of Risk-based and Age-based portfolios
Tactically Managed Funds
Meeder's Defensive Equity strategy delivers funds across a broad risk/return spectrum Balanced funds can be utilized as a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)
Fiduciary Services
Oversight and governance with robust quarterly reporting and monitoring Investment selection across a range of asset classes and investment options
Consulting Services
Assistance with plan governance, compliance, and risk management Service provider benchmarking and investment menu analytics
Solutions for a Complex Retirement Plan Environment
The retirement landscape continues to evolve with increased regulation, a multitude of investment options, and a continued focus on providing competitive fees.

Meeder remains committed to the needs of retirement plan sponsors and participants since the firm’s inception in 1974. Our first clients were retirement plan sponsors, and we continue to work with these groups today—both individually and alongside financial advisors. Meeder’s experience in the retirement marketplace combined with a time-tested approach to investment management, makes us a partner you can count on to help you capture opportunities and grow your business.

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Leverage a Proven Advisory Process
Meeder Edge Retirement Plan Services utilize a holistic and flexible platform that allows advisors to deliver customized retirement plan solutions to meet the unique needs of plan sponsors and their participants.

Your Meeder Edge Retirement Plan Services team serves as the retirement plan expert for plan consultation and review and assists plans in building teams to meet their unique needs. This allows your plan sponsor clients to limit their fiduciary roles and focus more on running their organizations.

Under your guidance, Meeder brings ideas to continually assess, improve, and optimize the success of the plan’s strategy and design. Meeder assists trustees to design the plan’s investment policy and to select the investment options. Meeder can help select the recordkeeper and third-party administrator as well as facilitate the conversion of plan assets if a new provider is selected.
We're Here. With You, For You.
Meeder is a trusted advisor to advisors, aspiring to be your partner in providing services and support to grow your retirement business. We will work with you to create customized retirement plan solutions designed for your business, to help you be more efficient and productive.

Your clients are unique, and we understand the importance of customization. When you partner with Meeder, our ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations drives the long-term success of our partnership.