Everyday, our mission is to exceed with integrity, passion, and discipline the expectations of our clients’ overall investment experience.




Each retirement plan is unique.  We tailor our service offerings to meet the needs of each plan.


Holistic Approach

Our approach to retirement plan governance takes a look at the entire plan picture. Because of the breadth and depth of services we provide, we provide holistic solutions based on the needs of each client.



Investment Management

Meeder has been managing investments since 1974. Our history of successfully navigating the financial markets provides us unique perspective in managing retirement assets. Our investment team is an invaluable resource to the retirement plans that we serve.



Ongoing Partnership

Meeder values our clients and view it as an ongoing partnership. We are committed to regular meetings to discuss changes to the needs of your plan.



Legal & Compliance

Meeder employs a highly qualified legal and compliance team that stays at the forefront of the dynamic/changing regulatory environment. Additionally, we retain outside legal counsel with some of the most respected ERISA law firms in the country.

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