Risk-Based Portfolios
allow participants to invest their retirement plan assets based on their specific risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our Investor Profile Questionnaire can help participants determine the portfolio that may be right for them. If their risk tolerance or investment objectives change, participants can select a different portfolio at any time.

Contingent on which choices the qualified retirement plan has available at their record keeper, Meeder will assign the account to a combination of either:

Meeder Fund Risk-Based Portfolios 
Allocations are built utilizing the Meeder Funds to actively manage across a diversified portfolio. With our Meeder Funds we are able to make faster moves within the portfolio as market volatility increases.

Index Fund Risk-Based Portfolios 
Allocations constructed with low-cost index funds including but not limited to fund families like Vanguard.


ETF Risk-Based Portfolios
Another low-cost option for participants, Exchange Traded Funds have many benefits to an individual’s allocation such as:

Transparency | Diversification | Lower Cost | Risk Exposure


Fiduciary Services
Meeder Retirement Plan Services offers 3(38) fiduciary responsibility and provides all the investment choices for the employees. This entails taking over the responsibility for selecting, monitoring, and replacing of the investments in the plan.

As a 3(38) Investment Manager, our services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement outlining the investment management process
  • Initial core fund line-up, providing:
  • A broad range of asset classes
  • Active and passive investments
  • Target-Date Funds
  • Managed Account Portfolios
  • Ongoing fund monitoring
  • Quarterly monitoring reports
  • Facilitation of fund replacements when deemed prudent

Benchmarking Support

  • Plan expense and service provider compensation benchmarking
  • Service provider evaluation and benchmarking analyses
  • Assistance in reviewing 404(a)(5) and 408(b)(2) disclosure documents


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