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Everyday, our mission is to exceed with integrity, passion, and discipline the expectations of our clients’ overall investment experience.



Each client situation is unique.  We construct portfolios to fit the needs of our clients, not place our clients in predetermined portfolios that may or may not fit their needs. 

Holistic Approach

Our investment approach takes a look at the entire financial picture of an entity. For example, we will not only help you determine how to invest your portfolio, but how much should be invested, how long should you be investing, and if your bank rates are



Investment Management

The markets change and your investment strategy should too. We monitor all permissible asset classes in order to make sure you are receiving as much value as possible out of your portfolio.  Additionally, Meeder has access to over 100 brokers to give you full access to the markets, working to get you the best prices available.



Ongoing Partnership

We view the investment of your dollars as a partnership.  After the initial investment has been made, we are committed to regular meetings to discuss changes to the financial needs of your entity, changes to state funding, and new projects your entity may be getting ready to undertake.



Compliance Monitoring

Meeder utilizes a portfolio management system complete with compliance monitoring to make sure that you are always in compliance with both the laws of your state as well as your investment policy.

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